How to Support Small Businesses

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It is more important than ever to support small businesses, so we have compiled six ways that you can support your favourite small businesses, whether or not you have money to spend right now.
  1. Follow them on social media 
    On all platforms that they use for their brand. Some platforms require a certain number of followers before new features get unlocked (such as product tagging, and the swipe up feature on Instagram)

  2. Engage with their posts
    Algorithms suck and are being changed all the time. Engage as much as you can by: Liking the post, commenting, sharing, reposting, saving, tag a friend, re-pining, doing polls on their stories/posts.

  3. Share/refer their website
    Don't hesitate to spread the word to friends and family if they are looking for a particular item, or small business to support.
    Tip: Post about the product/service on your social media and tag their business, or tag them when the product appears in your photo.

  4. Sign up for their newsletter
    Newsletter subscriptions not only let them know you are fan, you will be kept up to date on any new product launches, sales, etc.

  5. Buy from them if you can (and please don't ask for a discount)
    It is no lie that every time a small business owner receives an order, that they do a happy dance. 
    Please value their hard work and don't ask for a discount or freebies.

  6. Leave a good review
    If you purchased something from them, leave a good review. If they don't have a section on the product page or website, send them an email or text. Customer testimonials are valuable for businesses. 

Leave a comment below with other tips on how to support small businesses.

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